9. Our light shines through…

At a time when society is increasingly disrupted and the problems caused by misinformation, misunderstanding and lack of education are being felt in so many communities, Chain Reaction are a beacon of light, clearly communicating important messages that have a positive effective on children, young people and society in general in an entertaining, engaging, personal and most importantly memorable way.

10. And finally…

…if all else fails, we’ll make you a nice cuppa!


So  what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out how you can support Chain Reaction today! The kettle’s on!

2. We’ve got an ever-increasing fan base!

Our files are bulging with positive feedback from a huge range of people who have seen, loved, and been inspired by our shows and projects. These include… and we need to take a deep breath here!...teachers, head teachers, local government staff (from Arts Teams, to Chief Execs, Mayors and even Boris Johnson!), funding bodies, Primary Care Trusts, multi-national companies, Youth Offending Teams, health education professionals, the Met and other police forces, Healthy Schools co-ordinators, the NSPCC, the Terence Higgins Trust, Victim Support, celebrities, respected magazines and papers including The Stage and The Times Educational Supplement and a host of local and regional newspapers… but most importantly the adults and young people we work with!

8. We deal with the REAL issues

We educate and entertain around a range of very important personal and social themes including:

  • Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles

  • Sexual health and teenage pregnancy

  • Smoking awareness

  • Drugs and alcohol awareness

  • Bullying and celebrating difference

  • Expressing emotions, emotional well-being and dealing with loss/bereavement

  • Conflict resolution

  • Community cohesion, racism, and celebrating diversity

  • Aspirations and planning for young people’s future

These are issues that affect all of us. By educating children and young people about these issues, we can help make our world better – for EVERYONE!

3. We are “The One and Only”!

We create original, dynamic, inspiring and entertaining projects that provide factual information, provoke debate, and break down taboos and myths around sometimes difficult issues that young people face as they grow. All our work builds knowledge, empowerment and self-confidence, and we don’t shy away from difficult subjects. We don’t believe there are any other educational theatre companies around that can match us – for originality, flair, educational value and pure entertainment!

5. Kudos!

Many organisations and companies like to be involved with good causes, to allow them to contribute to the communities in which they operate – and what better cause is there than Chain Reaction? With a wholeheartedly positive message, a REAL way of educating and improving society, an entertaining and professional working style, and a massive fan base and audience, you couldn't find a better company to work alongside! And with our great media coverage, you know that your name will be out there as an organisation that works with an amazing company thats actually doing something good for the world!

1. We get around!

We have been working with disadvantaged young people aged 5-19 in London and across Britain since 1994. We’ve toured extensively with theatre projects, delivered hundreds of hours of targeted intensive school and community-based workshops, run roadshows all over the country, featured at corporate events and training days, and premiered shows at the London and Edinburgh Fringe, all to rave reviews and fantastic feedback. Since we started, we have reached more than 400,000 young people and adults nationally, over two-thirds of whom live in London. That’s a lot of communities all over the country who have felt the positive effect of our work!

People who don’t know us often wonder just why we’re the best! Well, here are 10 very good reasons…

4. The Professionals

We’ve gained a reputation not only for the outstanding work we do, but also for our professional attitude and well-managed approach. All CRTC staff are great communicators, good planners and team players, so we always create a lasting professional impression wherever we go!

6. It cuts both ways…

For our part, we aim to look after those who look after us. As a funder or sponsor, we will ensure that we publicise your contribution through our website, appropriate media and PR. As a partner, we will offer you a truly mutually beneficial relationship, and the benefit of twenty years’ success. As a member of the Chain Reaction staff team, we will give you the opportunity to gain valuable, practical experience of working with one of the country’s leading educational theatre providers. As a school, community organisation or youth centre, we promise to give the young people you work with a life-changing and hugely enjoyable drama experience. It’s win-win!

7. Naughty but nice!

Some of our on-stage characters may be up to some pretty bad things, but the real-life people at CRTC are famous for their positive, proactive and friendly approach. We aim to uphold the values that we teach – honesty, openness, friendliness, and respect for all people, and we’ve had so many positive comments and compliments from schools, funders and other organizations that we’re positively blushing!