Everyone Loves Me | Is fame the new religion?

Old-school family TV presenter Richie King is losing his celeb status fast and is desperate for a career boost. Cue loveable loudmouth reality TV star-in-the-making Daisy Craddock, whose brilliantly disastrous debut on Richie’s Saturday teatime ‘Flying Saucer’ show looks set to launch her sky-high In the ratings! Can the ‘best worst presenter on TV’ help Richie claw his way back up the greasy poles of the ladder of fame?


This hilarious contemporary musical comedy exposes the car-crash world of celebrity; where wannabes and has-beens trample each other in a desperate bid to cling to fame - the life-affirming drug that fills the hollow in all of them…


Everyone Loves Me was a huge hit, and after a successful run in London and at the Edinburgh Festival, it went on to secure the Best Musical Award in the 2003 Fringe Report Awards. Following the success in Edinburgh, Mercury Musicals showcased Everyone Loves Me in the West End in 2004.

Pretty Please | All seats in a Size 8!

Obsessive and outrageous salon owner Fatima Brown is on a mission – to rid the world of ugliness… forever! With only five days to go before the legendary ‘Cashton-Upon-Flimsy Beauty Show’, a mysterious stranger arrives from ‘The Royal College of Beauty’ to help Fatima win glory in the gold ribbon event – a spectacular but painful chemical peel-off…


This scandalously irreverent and fabulously entertaining musical romp combines hilarious original songs (including “Fit Your Corpse Into A Size Eight Coffin” and “The Mung Bean Rhumba”) with intimate character portrayals to explore our powerful desire for physical perfection and the ugly excesses of the beauty business.


Pretty Please premiered at The Greenwich Playhouse in early 2007 and received rave reviews from audiences and press throughout its three-week run – it was even hailed by The Stage as having all the ingredients of a 'cult classic'.

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Everyone Loves Me may

be one of the best musicals on

the fringe this year. It's magnificent, funny, and brilliant entertainment that grips and delights from start to finish. The outstanding quality of the performances, script, and songs produce a big brash musical, several times the size of its four-strong cast. They create characters so hugely horrible and endearing that you may be tempted – against your better feelings - to love them enormously.”

John Park, Editor, Fringe Report


"Pretty Please is easily

one of the funniest, fluffiest concoctions

to appear in a long time on the fringe. Lovingly crafted, a hysterical, tawdry tale and thanks to brilliantly comic performances, the whole is reminiscent of the League of Gentlemen with lip gloss…It is Tennant’s book and the aching sincerity of the performances that really make this a great show with all the ingredients of a cult classic.”

The Stage

And what have

the press said?...

After years of focusing on producing shows that had young people rolling in the aisles and thinking about current social and health issues, we suddenly had a brainwave... ​Why not do the same for adults?!



In 2002, we were working in London schools with vast numbers of young people, educating them about issues that would affect their futures. But when we asked young people what they wanted to be, most simply answered: “Famous”.


True to our commitment to explore the issues that affect our society, we began working alongside acclaimed writers Paul Tibbey and Mark Sims, to create a brand new Chain Reaction show for adult audiences which would delve into the darkest side of celebrity culture and expose the real face of fame!


Since 2002, we’ve been producing outstanding musical comedies exploring contemporary issues and perceptions of every day life, engaging adult audiences and critics all over Britain with thought-provoking writing, outrageous characters, and hilarious comedy performances! Take a look at a couple of our favs: