Spread The Word

Here are just a small selection of the brilliant ‘viral’ adverts and accompanying posters that our young people created through our on-going teenage pregnancy and sexual health project. The idea is for them to come up with ways to explain to other young people why and how not to get pregnant as a teenager. We were simply amazed at their insightful work. To find out more about the Spread The Word Project, click here.

Our young people create some pretty mind-blowing work, and we’re super-proud to be able to post some of their amazing videos below.
We think you’ll be impressed (we definitely are!) 

Babies - the latest fasion accessory


Not all fun and games


They cost, how much?!


Step into the future


The risks of drinking


The benefits of babies... or not!




Off for a stroll


Babies don't mean houses


It's time to make a choice


A simple game of spin the bottle


Don't get trapped in the same nightmare


It's trending on twitter


Wise up


A nice walk in the park




Who could it be?


Not for the faint hearted!


Get In The Game

Since it was right on our doorstep, we decided we couldn't let London 2012 pass by without making sure we gave local young people a chance to get involved. Below are the two 'viral' adverts we made as part of our Get In The Game project which promoted the Olympic Values. We were pretty proud to receive the 2012 Inspire Mark for this project, but not as proud as we were of what these local young people achieved.

Stop judging start accepting


Come on! You can make it!



Misunderstood is the culmination of a workshops project we ran with three different groups of young people, who ultimately came together to write the song, design the choreography and direct the filming of this amazing music video. They chose what they wanted the song to be about and what they wanted to say. Here’s the result. Pretty thought-provoking, we think.