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Totally Together | Challenging Bullying & Celebrating Diversity                      
For Juniors/ Secondary (ages 8 - 13 / years 4 - 8) | Run time: 45 minutes (inc. 10 minute hot-seating)

At 'Our Place' Athletics Club, Tanisha and Jake are really excited about training for the County Championships relay race. And the arrival of Kelly, a talented young Olympic hopeful from the 'Somewhere Else' team, could bring great new skills and successes to the club! But the welcome Kelly receives is far from warm and when a few snide comments turn into racism and bullying, the athletes are going to need some serious help if they’re going to be ‘totally together’ for the next big race!

This engaging performance helps young people build empathy towards, and strong positive relationships with, people from different social and cultural backgrounds.

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We have a repertoire of 12 outrageously entertaining original shows each designed to address a specific issue with a specific age range. We use music, dance, comedy and believable plotlines interspersed with parodies of famous, larger than life characters, so our young audiences laugh whilst they learn – after all, if they have fun, they’re more likely to remember the messages. Almost all of our shows also have accompanying resources so you can extend the learning and enjoyment into class time, before and after Chain Reaction’s visit.


Each show is performed by 4 or 5 of our fabulous actresses and can be performed in a 5m x 5m stage space, making them perfect for school halls and community venues. 


We really put our all into every show we do, which is why we only tour one educational show at a time. So why not get in touch or check our home page to find out which of the brilliant shows below we’re performing at the moment!







It's Your Body | Drugs Awareness & Healthy Living

For Infants/Lower Juniors (ages 5 - 8/ years 1 - 3) | Run time: 25 mins

This lively, song-filled show follows Cindy and her sisters Fagita and Zitora, on their quest to win a place in a brand new pop group. But due to a combination of bad diet, smoking, drinking and unprotected exposure to the sun, the sisters are not the most beautiful of creatures! Maybe clever Cindy can give them some healthy advice if they want to be stars?

It’s Your Body is a fun introduction to the concept of making healthy choices, whilst always making clear the importance of asking for the help of a responsible adult.

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Know Your Mind (Junior) | Drugs Awareness 
For Juniors (ages 9 - 11/ years 5 & 6) | Run time:  35 mins

Young Charlie Bucket from East London finds one of DJ Groovemaker’s lucky golden flyers and wins a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore his mysterious drug lab! But on the way, Charlie learns some very interesting facts about the effects and risks of all sorts of substances. Can she use this info to help change her odd fellow winners’ lives for the better?

The show bursts with comedy and song but also places a serious emphasis on understanding the roles that drugs can play in our lives, and on the personal responsibility that young people have for their own decision making with regard to their lifestyles, peer pressure and school rules.

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Knowing Me, Knowing You | Bullying & Respecting Difference

For Juniors (ages 9 - 11/ years 5 & 6) | Run time: 45 mins (inc. 10 minute hot-seating)

School bully Sarah Spiteful and her sheep-like gang are definitely ‘mean girls’! But when they pick on young Nicky, Sarah soon learns that the bully never comes out on top and the people who win in life are the ones who accept people despite their differences. This sensitive engaging show explores the consequences of bullying, for the victims and for the bullies…

Knowing Me, Knowing You’s ultimate aim is to reduce incidences of bullying in schools. The show is specifically designed for pupils who are soon to make the transition from primary to secondary school and has been performed to over 15,000 young people nationwide.

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Know Your Mind (Secondary) | Drugs Awareness 
For Secondary Pupils (ages 11 - 16/ years 7 - 11) | Run time:  1 hour

Based on the concept of the Junior show, Know Your Mind (Senior) takes a streetwise, savvy look at some of the more grown-up issues surrounding drug and alcohol abuse. This sometimes hard-hitting show provides thought-provoking facts that are doused liberally in comedy and drama, to get older pupils thinking about their own decisions when it comes to substance use.

Know Your Mind explores skills in personal decision making and demonstrates the life changing effects that drugs and alcohol can have on young people. It reminds our audiences that peer pressure is common and it’s always smarter to make your own decisions.

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Chain Reaction | Smoking Awareness 
For Juniors/Secondary Pupils (ages 9 - 12/ years 5 - 8) | Run time:  50 mins

It’s Monday morning and as usual Dorothy Gale sets off for her job at Coughman’s Cigarette Conglomerate. But soon she finds herself on an exciting journey along the Yellow Tooth Road, where she meets new friends whose lives have been affected by tobacco. Armed with a range of shocking facts Dorothy decides to confront Mr Coughman himself and put a stop to smoking for good!

This exciting show provides young people with accurate information about the personal physical and financial effects of smoking, but also looks at wider issues such as the environmental and economic impact of the tobacco industry.

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Movin' On Up | Aspirations & Fulfilling the Future       
For pre-GCSE Secondary Pupils (Ages 11 - 14/ years 7 - 9) | Run time: 35 minutes

What do YOU want to do when you leave school? It’s a big question! Darren wants to be a lawyer, Alisha is undecided but open to ideas and works hard, and Lauren (based on the Catherine Tate character) is frankly “not bovvered“! But Simon Cowell (presenting The EET Factor, a new TV show all about achieving a positive future through Education, Employment and Training), Doctor Who, and even Little Britain’s Lou and Andy are all on hand to help our young friends plan to get the most out of life, starting now!

Funded originally by Connexions, the project stresses the importance of personal and social development, ‘goal setting’ and making a positive contribution. Movin’ On Up promotes the ideas of further education and broadening horizons, whilst addressing key issues that affect young people’s futures. 

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Keepin' It Cool | Conflict Resolution
For Juniors (ages 8 - 11/ years 4 - 6) | Run time: 45 mins (inc. 10 minute hot-seating)

Taslim, Amy and Shane are all good friends, but just sometimes, little things really get them annoyed with each other and lead to some pretty explosive arguments! Cue Angerman - a new superhero from the Planet Compromise  - on a mission to help school children deal with difficult emotions, sort out their arguments and, most importantly, ‘keep it cool’!

Through charismatic comedy characters and familiar situations, Keepin’ It Cool teaches young people that anger is a normal emotion and provides them with tools and techniques to enable them to de-stress and deal with difficult situations in a positive manner.

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Time To Talk | Expressing Emotions & Dealing with Loss 

For Juniors (ages 9 - 11/ years 5 & 6) | Run time:  45 mins (inc. 10 minute hot-seating)

Time to Talk tells the tale of Katie who is struggling to cope with a family loss, especially as her friends really don’t know how to act around her anymore. The show creates a unique and heart warming opportunity for children, especially boys, to realise the importance of expressing their feelings, talking to someone they trust and supporting each other in difficult times.

This gently humorous show covers a range of emotional situations including separation, divorce, loss and bereavement. Careful to avoid a ‘slushy’ or overly sentimental tone, Time to Talk helps young people to realise the value of emotional expression and gives them tools to help them cope and support others in times of personal crisis.

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Food 4 Thought | Healthy Eating & Exercise 

For Infants/ Juniors (ages 5 - 11/ years 1 - 6) | Run time: 35 minutes

Sporty Ali Dingrunner’s got no energy, Jasmine Fluenza’s always snuffling and sneezing, and would-be brainiac Geoff Vorderman (nephew of the great Carol!) has got the concentration of a goldfish! But when you see what they choose for lunch, you’ll understand why! Can school cook Jean (as her alter ego ‘The Genie from the Magic Ketchup Bottle’!) help change their unhealthy habits and get them eating right and feeling great?

This interactive show provides the essential ingredients for creating a healthy lifestyle and reveals why this is so important. The project makes learning about healthy living fun, appetising and exciting, ensuring that the messages are understood and embraced by our young audiences. Want to find out more? Just download the PDF here!

Feeding The Future | Healthy Eating & Exercise          

For Secondary Pupils (ages 11 - 14/years 7 - 9)  | Run time: 35 mins

Charlie’s Angels have a new mission – to change young people’s eating habits! Thousands of lives are at stake, so with high-kicking antics and kung-fu stances, the Angels take on the supermarket and the school canteen to find out what foods they need to stay healthy. This super-sized serving of comedy theatre is jam-packed with all the right ingredients for a healthy, happy life!

Feeding The Future is an explosion of comedy, drama and song, that teaches older pupils about nutrition, the value of eating healthily, and how looking after yourself can help you look after your future. Want to find out more? Just download the PDF here!

Inside Out | Sexual Health Awareness 

For Secondary Pupils (ages 13 - 16/ years 9 - 11) | Run time: 1 hour

DJ Ches and funky songstresses ‘The Carollettes’ at Wonderland FM run a popular teen radio show full of useful facts and interesting info about sex and relationships. But the prudish Mrs. Heart is outraged with ‘all that filth’ and demands the show be banned… “Sexually Transmitted Diseases? Puberty?? Contraception??? It shouldn’t be allowed!” Will Alice, the show’s No. 1 fan, and the Wonderland FM crew ever get the show back on the air?

Inside Out provides a balanced, informative and unashamed view of the ins and outs of teenage sexual relationships.  It delivers accurate knowledge to young people about their sexual health, whilst encouraging them to make informed decisions on this important topic. Want to find out more? Just download the PDF here!