It’s all about the kids with Chain Reaction, right? Well, no, actually! We absolutely love the work we do with young people, but we also really enjoy helping professionals develop too. 



So who have we worked for and what have we done?

We’ve done all sorts but here are just a few of our favourites…


· Food and Low Income: We worked with Shropshire Health Authority to produce three engaging 10-minute sketches for their Poverty Bites Conference. They loved us so much that they then asked us to devise four more sketches, dealing with the use and misuse of alcohol.


· Child Safety: The NSPCC had seen us perform at another event and approached us to help convey the outcomes of a survey they had done, at their community conference SAFE KIDS: It’s Up 2U.  We created two 15-minute pieces of theatre – one communicating the results and the other looking at how the Tilbury community could make the area safer for local children.


· Drink Spiking: We set up a mock courthouse to play out a dramatic and emotional 

scene involving the victim of a sexual assault, at the Essex Police’s drink spiking event.


· Cervical Cancer: We devised and performed a 15-minute show on the difficult

subject of how to approach the public about smear testing at a training event for

pharmacists run by the Waltham Forest Primary Care Trust.


· Mental Health: Shropshire County Primary Care Trust asked us to research,

write and produce an original 15-minute piece of theatre to help improve the service

received by mental health patients at the first point of contact, which inspired change

in 750 GPs and surgery staff over three conference dates.


· Gender Equality: The London Borough of Waltham Forest asked us to create a memorable presentation for the launch of the Gender Equality Duty. Our 10-minute If You Wanna Be My Equal show combining Spice Girls hits, characters from EastEnders and a hilarious parody of ‘Deal or No Deal’ was a huge success and provided the perfect springboard for a more formal address to Council staff.


· Customer Care in the School Canteen: In partnership with Surrey County Council, we’ve developed Bring on the Lunch, a hugely entertaining training package teaching the school lunchtime team that kids are customers too! With a funny and informative 20-minute video and a training resource pack, we address the issues of customer care, hygiene and successful team working. Bring On The Lunch has been used by Local Authorities all over Britain so if your lunch staff need some pepping up, just get in touch!

We count ourselves as being pretty lucky. Why? Because as well as being known for our expertise in delivering brilliant, original drama works for young people, we have also received various commissions to work with hundreds of professionals; giving us a great reputation for providing bespoke, message-focussed drama interventions at conferences, training programmes, in-house events, and even on video.

So how can Chain Reaction help you?

We know it, you know it… Training events can be boring, conferences can be a bit ‘dry’. But don’t worry! We can create inspirational entertaining pieces of theatre that really focus your staff on what you want and need them to know. We can work with you to:

• Devise an original high-quality theatre performance or a series of sketches to fit your aims, objectives, venue and timings

 Incorporate your key messages, facts, and statistics in the script

 Engage and entertain your audience through our mix of comedy, drama, dance and song

 Maximise audience participation and the retention of key information

• Host or MC your event or act as ‘wandering entertainers’, mixing with delegates and delivering your messages as specially devised characters

 Deliver your messages in a truly memorable way

“A real example of where the

use of drama and the use of

humour can convey powerful messages in an accessible

and engaging way.

Robin Tuddenham,

Assistant Chief Executive,

London Borough of Waltham Forest

So why not get in touch and find out how we can add some serious sparkle

to your event or training programme?